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Who we are


The contemporary flamenco music is now—and very much thanks to the work of Paco de Lucia—such an extended field of musical creativity and endeavour that it can no longer be said to belong to a single nation or culture.  Paco de Lucia has veritably brought the art of flamenco to audiences throughout the world and made it a music of all humanity. 

The innovations brought about by Paco de Lucia himself are the main element for the Contemporary Flamenco Guitar style, overall,  regarding:  (1) the kind of guitar used; (2) the playing position; (3) the flamenco guitar techniques employed; (4) the rhythmic features;(5) a melodic development (i.e., the scales utilized); (6) a harmonic patterns used; and, finally, (7) the arrangement of the songs. 


It is the mission of the Contemporary Flamenco Guitar Studio, an emerging musical institution sponsored and managed by a committee of flamenco music knowers from Spain and Canada in colaboration with flamenco guitar player and composer Ruben Diaz, to spread this art and convey this knowledge to non-spanish speaking musicians and people in general interested in this musical field through one on one lessons and the use of innovative technology, which is our most important activity: webcam lessons to students around the world.

CFG-studio also is an institution committed to the philanthropic dissemination of the art of flamenco guitar. For that reason, CFG-studio maintains a Grant Program for international and Spanish students who had have access to a new learning  platform.