Contemporary Flamenco Guitar Studio Refund and Cancellation Policy


Cancellation Policies

1. Students may cancel one lesson per month with a full 24 hours notice to the teacher by phone or e-mail.
2. This one lesson can be made-up within the same month or the next or refunded. In case the student resides in a country or city other tha Toronto, On, Canada, the lesson will be refunded to a PayPal account under the student name. In case the student resides in Toronto the lesson will be refunded with a cheque of the Contemporary Flamenco Guitar Studio.
3. All subsequent cancellations beyond one per month will not be refunded or credited, it can be made-up.
4. Unused cancellations beyond one cannot be banked towards subsequent months
5. Less than 24 hours notice automatically forfeits the lesson.
6. A lesson which is missed but not cancelled will not be made up or credited.
7.  Under extreme circumstances/illnesses are dealt with on a case-to-case basis and the student must present a signed doctor’s note
8. Once the student has taken the first lesson of the month, he/she is committed to finishing the month. If the student decides to quit or discontinue, no refunds will be granted.
9. Students who wish to discontinue lessons must provide notice one week prior to the next month.

Payment and refund policies for students taking one on one lessons at CFG Studio physical location at Ave. Alameda Principal 13 / 9-1, C.P. 29001, Málaga, Málaga, SPAIN.

1. Lesson payments will be monthly and they are due 5 days after the 1st day of the month.  Only cash and credit card payments are accepted.
2. Payments after the 5th day of the month will have a 10% extra fee. Will have to be paid directly to the CFG Studio PayPal account.
3. If the student lessons are occasional the minimum purchase is 2-60min lessons or 4-30min lessons unless some exceptions.

Payment and refund policies for students taking webcam lessons around the world.

    1. Payments for webcam lesson should be done at least with full 48hrs in advance  to the lessons date and time.

    2. A cancellation is valid only with a full 24hrs notice, the lesson can be made up or refunded to the student PayPal account.