Grant 6
CFG Studio Grant for Flamenco/Jazz Guitar Players and Harmony Scholars.

Consisting of:

  1. An “Andalusian Guitars” guitar. Model: “Santos Hernández 1927”, Cypress  (2010-2011). Like the one Ruben Díaz plays on this video-lesson. This model is:


  1. $240  (In 4-60min Webcam Skype lessons with Ruben Diaz)

Submissions will be accepted until  May 10th, 2011.

The purpose of  CFG Studio’s  Grant / Grants is exclusively to encourage & render available to the public worldwide the culture of contemporary flamenco guitar, specifically the works related to Paco de Lucia’s contributions and innovations on the Spanish & compositional musical field as well as in the Flamenco-Jazz realm for guitar players, guitar teachers, composers and beyond.


Applicants must:

1) Find out and analyze which scales Ruben Diaz used for improvising over chord progression D7, Gm & C7, Fm in this video. The piece he used for these example is a fragment of: “Pools” by Don Grolnick)

2)  Submit a YouTube video of himself explaining, analyzing and playing
(with pick or fingers, either with nylon or metal string guitar and along with the jam-track given here)

about the scale/scales that Maestro Ruben Diaz used while improvising in his video, specifying which scales were played over each and every chord (D7,Gm & C7,Fm.). The applicant’s video must contain the explanation of at least 8 minutes of Ruben Diaz solo.

“Here, over D7, he played diminish scale in this way; from the degree b2 of the dominant chord D7, (namely: Eb diminished scale over D7 chord),by the way he used this  fingering of the scale…and for this Gm here he used the minor pentatonic scale -with this fingering here- from the 2 degree of the minor chord (A)...” etc.

3) Submit the transcription of Ruben Diaz solo until minute 3:30.
4) Submit another YouTube video of the applicant himself playing the exact same solo that Ruben Diaz plays in this video until minute 3:30 which must be played along with the jam-track previously given, uninterruptedly and unedited.


  1. The Owner &/or Staff of CFG Studio has the right to accept or reject any submission / submissions with or without any further explanation (depending on the case).
  2. If the applicant submits a video as requested, it is his/her duty to prove the authenticity, correctness & appropriateness of the videos submitted to  the Owner &/or Staff of CFG Studio until their full satisfaction according to  CFG Studio’s criteria.      

The reason for those rules & prerogatives is:

To avoid that unscrupulous persons create  electronic or graphic related materials with the “Appropriate quotes & dates” just to obtain by cheating the CFG Studio  grant / grants.                 

3) The aforementioned material / materials for the applicant’s submissions must exclude any video-lesson, article or written by Ruben Diaz.

Good luck.

Please send your submission to:
AND to: