Grant 4
CFG Studio Grant for Flamenco Guitar Players & Flamenco guitar teachers.

Consisting of:

1) An  “Andalusian Guitars” guitar. Model: “Marcelo Barbero 1948”  (2010-2011) like the one with which Ruben Diaz plays the 6 falsetas on Buleria in this video-lesson.

This model is:


2) $2,800. Dollars (In 51-60min Webcam Skype lessons with Ruben Diaz)

Submissions will be accepted until  November 19th, 2010

The purpose of  CFG Studio’s  Grant / Grants is exclusively to encourage & render available to the public worldwide the culture of contemporary flamenco guitar, specifically the works related to Paco de Lucia’s contributions and innovations on the Spanish & compositional musical field as well as in the Flamenco-Jazz realm for guitar players, guitar teachers, composers and beyond.

Applicants must:

Submit two YouTube videos:
1) The first one is regarding the teaching facet. It can be a video-lesson by the applicant or by any other flamenco guitar player or YouTube flamenco guitar teacher, either in English or Spanish language. The subject of the above mentioned video-lesson has to be the very same one that is given in this video-lesson by Maestro Ruben Diaz & with an analogous course of action to exemplify about the topic. In other words, the lesson has to include as well examples based on Paco de Lucia’s discography plus those using the metronome as well as teaching the very same topic to at least one student in the same video.
It is mandatory that this first YouTube video (on the subject of playing & practicing flamenco guitar techniques / repertoire without watching or seeing at the fretboard while playing) has an uploading date prior to June 12th, 2010.

2) The applicant must also submit a second Youtube video
regarding performing feature. He himself has to play the same 6 falsetas (which are the falsetas 4,5,6,7,8,9 of the original Buleria “El Chorruelo” from the album “Luzia”, 1997, Track 7). The falsetas  must  be played with the blindfold, uninterruptedly, unedited & along with the original recording (to verify the accurateness of the performance) exactly as Maestro Ruben Diaz illustrates in this video-lesson. Only & exclusively this second video of the applicants playing themselves the aforementioned 6 falsetas can be of a later uploading date than June 12th, 2010.

The subject of this video-lesson is as follows:

To demonstrate that it’s possible to learn to play and practice contemporary flamenco guitar techniques, like scales and repertoire without watching or seeing at the fretboard while playing in order to master it entirely in the same way Paco de Lucia’s shows -with his own example- very often on his concerts etc (by closing his eyes while playing). Consequently & based on Paco de Lucia’s model, Maestro Ruben Diaz suggests and illustrates this principle with examples by using a blindfold to practice scales. To exemplify this method & skill he further interprets 6 falsetas from the Buleria “El Chorruelo”, track 7 of Paco de Lucia’s  album “Luzia” (1997). The 6 falsetas are played one after another uninterruptedly along with the original recording (in order to verify the accurateness of the performance), also it’s included an exposition with metronome of specific scales & scale patterns (progresiones) using the whole tone scale fragments and an example in Ionic mode (in three different keys) while teaching & explaining about that technique to his student Noel Di Tosto.
Furthermore he adds, as well, some principles of konakol (Indian rhythm system)  applied to contemporary flamenco guitar, always using Paco de Lucia’s fingerings for those scales.


Useful information about the submissions:

  1. The Owner &/or Staff of CFG Studio has the right to accept or reject any submission / submissions with or without any further explanation (depending on the case).
  2. If the applicant submits a video as requested, it is his/her duty to prove the authenticity, correctness & appropriateness of the video submitted to  the Owner &/or Staff of CFG Studio until their full satisfaction according to  CFG Studio’s criteria.      

The reason for those rules & prerogatives is:

To avoid that unscrupulous persons create  electronic or graphic related materials with the “Appropriate quotes & dates” just to obtain by cheating the CFG Studio  grant / grants.        

3) The aforementioned material / materials for the applicant’s submissions must exclude any video-lesson, article or written by Ruben Diaz.

Good luck.

Please send your submission to:
AND to:

Some additional data:

The original recording:


In case you want to double check the fingerings of the 6 falsetas.