Grant 16

Consisting of:

1) An  “Andalusian Guitars” guitar, Model: Santos Hernández 1930, Ovangkol Wood, Year: 2013.

This model is:

Submissions will be accepted until May 15th, 2012.

The purpose of  CFG-studio/GFC-estudio’s  Grant / Grants is exclusively to encourage & render available to the public worldwide the culture of contemporary flamenco guitar, specifically the works related to Paco de Lucia’s contributions and innovations on the Spanish & compositional musical field as well as in the Flamenco-Jazz realm for guitar players, guitar teachers, composers and beyond.

Applicants must:

Submit 2 YouTube videos:

1) The applicant must play the falsetas -including the remates and cierres- as shown in the video of  Grant 16 using as accompaniment the following jam track:

2) The applicant must present a video of himself or any other person dated prior to February 4th, 2011 in which it’s explained the difference between “flamenco por derecho” and “planned flamenco”. It should have practical examples must be based on Paco de Lucia’s discography.


Useful information about the submissions:

  1. The Owner &/or Staff of CFG-studio/GFC-estudio has the right to accept or reject any submission / submissions with or without any further explanation (depending on the case).
  2. If the applicant submits a video as requested, it is his/her duty to prove the authenticity, correctness & appropriateness of the video submitted to  the Owner &/or Staff of CFG-studio/GFC-estudio until their full satisfaction according to  CFG-studio/GFC-estudio’s criteria.
  3. In all cases the grants will be given according to the terms and conditions that CFG-studio/GFC-estudio settles and/or requests.

The reason for those rules & prerogatives is:

To avoid that unscrupulous persons create electronic or graphic related materials with the “Appropriate quotes & dates” just to obtain by cheating the CFG Studio  grant / grants.        

3) The aforementioned material / materials for the applicant’s submissions must exclude any video-lesson, or article written by Ruben Diaz.

Good luck.

Please send your submission to:
AND to: